The problem of setting the training at a certain minute in the day is…

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The problem of setting the training at a certain minute in the day is much more major than it appears to be. The choice of the duration when we educate relies on more aspects.

It’s clear from the start that we can not consider the duration of 3 hours after every main meal, due to the fact that this interval has to be allocated to food digestion just. Significant physical effort is absolutely unadvisable in this period (blood have to not be routed to the muscles, because stomach food digestion has priority).

Extra precisely, people should educate when their tummy is empty, but the level of glycemia should be constant. Thinking about a typical wide awake – sleeping rhythm, there are two beneficial minutes when we can set health and fitness programs and training as a whole: one in the early morning, between 10-12, as well as the various other one in the mid-day, between 16-19.
Current technique in a lot of the sports verifies these periods as ideal for training.

An additional debate for selecting one of these periods for training is the body temperature, which now gets to its maximum. The second period (16-19) is also far better than the first one from this perspective, since the temperature is greater as well as this improves sporting activity efficiency.

It is not recommended to educate very early in the morning, right after awakening and prior to breakfast. However, there are authors who sustain the suggestion of having the training in this period. The gets of glycogen are limited after the lack of food throughout resting and also this is a factor for using the adipose tissue previously in training than in other situations.

Unfortunately, at the same time, the stress and anxiety hormonal agents (cortisone) are secreted perfectly, so besides the fat, there is the threat of losing valuable muscle.

Another argument versus this is the truth that body temperature is very reduced in the hrs of early morning, so no motion parameters (pressure, resistance, rate, mobility, ability) can be fully triggered. Hence, a prolonged and tiring heating up would be essential, hindering the real training.

Everyone agrees that training before bedtime is not recommended at all, due to the fact that they delay sleep a few hrs, given development of cortical task and of body temperature.

This schedule can be adjusted to any type of biorhythm and also time zone as well as when automatism installed, efficiency of training will absolutely raise.

Author: Bobo